All OpenKJ Tools Versions

Windows Stable Installers
Filename Size Date

Windows Development/Unstable Installers
Filename Size Date
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.12-32bit-setup.exe24.12MB2019/04/09 11:42:10 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.12-64bit-setup.exe27.42MB2019/04/09 11:41:09 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.5-32bit-setup.exe24.11MB2019/04/09 11:43:49 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.5-64bit-setup.exe27.42MB2019/04/09 11:44:28 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.6-32bit-setup.exe24.11MB2019/04/09 11:44:29 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.6-64bit-setup.exe27.42MB2019/04/09 11:44:29 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.8-32bit-setup.exe24.13MB2019/04/09 11:44:30 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.8-64bit-setup.exe27.43MB2019/04/09 11:44:30 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.9-32bit-setup.exe24.13MB2019/04/09 11:44:31 PM
OpenKJ-Tools-1.0.9-64bit-setup.exe27.42MB2019/04/09 11:44:31 PM

Linux Binary Packages
Fedora repos are hosted in a COPR repository. Note this package requires mp3gain which can be found in the rpmfusion repos.

Fedora 25+:
sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core
sudo dnf copr enable openkj/OpenKJ-unstable
sudo dnf install openkjtools

Ubuntu 16.04+ (and derivatives like Mint or Elementary OS)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openkj/unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openkjtools

Source code
Source code can be found on GitHub